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Specialist in Moisture Packaging

We are here to help with any of your packing needs especially related to goods being damaged due to moisture or gases. We provide customised desiccants moisture solutions to help solve packaging related problems. For over 45 years we have served multiple industries across the world. A common issue faced by users across different industries is finding the right solution during transportation and storage to products goods from damage.

Stream Peak International your one-stop destination for all your moisture solution requirements. Desiccants of different shape, sizes, and material are available. Having a wide range of Desiccants such as Silica gel, Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina and Activated Carbon. Let us understand your requirements, and support you with a customised solution.

For container protection again moisture we have our container desiccants. Our packaging engineers can help to determine the desiccant requirements based on the conditions during transportation, size of the container and the wall structure.

Temperature, humidity and duration of the packaging are also vital conservations that will affect the environments the product will be being exposed to.

Desiccant Selection Process

The size and type of outer packaging together with temperature, humidity and dew point would be required. Using the information and comparing the capabilities of each desiccant. The choice of desiccant then can be determined. With the information our engineers and help with the advice on the correct size and type of desiccants to help control the conditions.

  1. Identify type of packaging
  2. Determine the Size of container
  3. Calculate size of desiccant
  4. Select types of desiccant

Other solutions such as Moisture, Damage, Temperature and Corrosion could also prevent quality related issues and improve packaging of products.

Feel free to contact if you need more information. Let us help you to answer to all your queries!