About Us

Stream Peak International is a Singapore-based packaging supplier providing protective packaging solutions for over 45 years. We work with clients across Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and China. 

Our comprehensive damage preventive solutions are geared for clients in the electronics, logistics, defence, healthcare, aerospace, food, power, refinery, and aerospace industries. 

Singapore’s Packaging Supplier

From stretch wrap machines, industrial desiccants and moisture absorbent packs to volatile corrosion inhibitors and automatic packaging systems, there’s something for everyone. Our product portfolio also includes equipments and solutions that help improve workplace safety. We are committed to protecting our clients’ valuable assets, their infrastructure and their employees. Our services help the client protect their supply chain and minimise wastage. 

Customise your desiccant packaging to create your own brand. We specialise in desiccant bags and ice gel packs which are manufactured in Singapore. With a extensive range of sizes and materials to choose from with ready stock available for many bag sizes to meet your requirements. Protect your goods from container rain with our container desiccants strips and bags. We are able to provide on site training to your end users to help ensure that the products are applied correctly.


Stream Peak International is a Certified Green Partner, UKAS accredited, and bizSAFE 3 certified. Our product packaging supplies and solutions aren’t just geared towards preventing moisture damage, but also mitigate damage due to impact, temperature, corrosion, and exposure to gases. 

For more information about our packaging solutions, call us at +65 66107921.


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